Being an entrepreneur is not that easy and simple as it sounds to be. It takes a lot of courage, dedication and management to be a successful entrepreneur.  Always set smart but realistic goals that are attainable rather than big catchy unrealistic goals. Never wait for others to initiate a task for you. Execution of a plan is always in your hand rather than the others. You can’t wait for someone to give you the funds you require to. Do market research on the trends and styles people like. Don’t opt for those things that are obsolete and people have no interest in it. Try to solve the problems which people are facing else there are many that will perform your tasks better than you do for them. Initially don’t spend extravagantly on your business. Keep the budget constraint in your mind before initiating any future prospect. The most important believe in yourself and the products services you are offering. Go easy with the flow rather than rushing and pushing yourself beyond limit.