Education is a very important aspect in one’s life and no one can deny its importance. Instilling the good habits in children is must right before they start going to school. Talk to your children in a polite manner and tell them the importance and benefits of education. Children will act what they see their parents doing. Make a habit of reading newspaper, journals, books or novels you like. Kids have the tendency of curiosity and explore the environment. They would always want to read books. In the beginning read some stories based on morals to them. Help your children in learning new vocabulary and improve language skills. Take them to zoos, museums and science centres. Give them natural phenomenon to think about the world. Make them familiar with computers. Allow them to play games but set a time for it. You can take them at green grocers and ask them to put five or six apples in the basket. This will give them empowerment and also serves as mini mathematical exercises. Get your child admitted in a school and attend the PTM’s. Monitor your child’s performance. Always have a positive and encouraging attitude towards your child. Don’t enforce your ideas on your child. Let them search their career path but always be there as a counsellor for what’s best for them. Don’t favour one child over another. Every child is born with a different skill set. Comparison among children hinders their self-confidence and bashes their future. Don’t be over touchy with the numbers. It’s ok if your child is average in the class. Let him/her knows their weaknesses but don’t degrade them. Usually the eldest child in the family always goes through experiments as it’s the first time for parents. In this way many elder children get annoyed.