Education plays a vital role in development of any society. Unfortunately the education system in our country needs to be reformed. Our education does not produce intellectuals, poets, writers and think tanks.  Students are only getting degrees to work under some companies. Universities and colleges are not producing entrepreneurs. Like other countries in the world who excel in their own language. Urdu should be promoted as an official language. It should be optional for students whether they want to study all subjects in Urdu or English except these linguistic subjects. Government schools syllabus needs to be changed. It should be made compulsory that teachers have a professional degree. Private institutes charge fees that are un-affordable for parents.  Education should be made free like UK and USA from preschool till high school. More technical institutes should be built for technical education. Concept based learning should be introduced. Students are having mental health issues that are hampering their progress. Education should prepare children for practical life. Special Arabic classes and Quran education should be introduced and made compulsory for us being a Muslim.