Technology has advanced progressively and has totally changed our lifestyle. It was around two decades back when we inserted CD’s in DVD players. Thanks to the smart phones and all electronic gadgets that have made our life easier. We will highlight some of the undergoing projects that will eventually benefit us.

  • Array of Things: It will help you in identifying temperature and climate in your city through sensors. You will be able to know about all the upcoming activities in your city. This project will be operational in Chicago. It will help the people of the city and the ones who are drafting policies to provide better services.


  • Genetic Fortune Telling: It will work as a report card and predict the new-born’s behaviour, psychology, IQ and hobbies. It will predict future diseases happening to that new born.


  • Self-driving cars: There are many people who are tired and reluctant to drive anymore. For them it is good news. Tesla is working on self-driving cars. There will be cameras and navigation system that will tell the cars about its surroundings. There will be no human intervention. It is observed that many accidents occur due to human errors.


  • 3 D printers: This technology is advancing and will bring revolution in manufacturing industry.


  • Commercial Space Exploration: Visiting outer space will be a fantastic idea for a perfect vacation. Tickets will be pretty expensive initially and then costs will gradually start to cut down. The idea is to send 2-3 tourists into space.